Workplace Injury Treatment in Scranton, PA

Are You a Candidate For Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

You Shouldn’t Have to Experience Pain in the Workplace

Take comfort in the knowledge that you are not the only one if you are experiencing pain as a result of a workplace accident. Workplace pain impacts countless workers and ends up costing their employers billions annually in workmen’s compensation cases and in lost productivity.

Often times though, a lot of occupations can place substantial demands on your body, particularly your back, and neck. And you don’t need to be a nurse, construction worker or a factor worker to be in danger for workplace pain. Even normal office work can sometimes result in back pain and other job-related issues.

Lost Work

Around 186 million work days are lost yearly because of back pain alone. This has a profound effect on productivity and labor costs.

And even though back pain is the most common type of workplace injury, other risks consist of overexertion, falls and recurring motion traumas.

In 2012, the Liberty Mutual insurance company performed a workplace safety study. They established the cost of the most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses amounted to $51.1 billion annually in the form of workmen’s compensation expenses. That’s nearly $1 billion per week!

Contributing Factors

In one more study, the Mayo Clinic had a look at the most common factors that brought about workplace pain:

  • Force— Lifting heavy objects can exert too much force on your back, leading to injury.
  • Repetition— When you repeat certain movements again and again, it can easily result in muscle fatigue and injury. If you are stretching to the limit of your range of motion or utilizing an uncomfortable body position, this is especially true.
  • Posture– Muscle fatigue and injury also can possibly be brought on by slouching, which exaggerates your back’s curves.
  • Stress— Tension at work can increase your stress and anxiety. This has been specifically linked to muscle tension , which can then cause back pain or make back injuries worse.

Adverse Effects of Workplace Injuries

Lower back pain and other workplace injuries can affect other areas of your life. Because they feel their career may be threatened if they report their pain, most people with workplace injuries return to work even despite the fact that they are in pain.

Others are concerned about whether their injury will prevent them from continuing to work. And others spend so much time taking care of flare-ups and treating their injuries on their own, that they ignore other important aspects of their lives, like their families and social life.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment and Workplace Accident

No one should need to experience pain in the workplace. If you have had a workplace injury, one option you should look at is gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. By carefully decompressing the affected spots so that it can return to its normal state, our spinal disk doctors can relieve your pain and get you back on your feet in no time at all.

If you or somebody you know is struggling with pain as the result of a workplace injury, contact us today for your free consultation. Our medical professionals can tell you if , non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is a good option for treating your pain.

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Chris Birdsall
Chris Birdsall
18:35 01 Feb 22
As a Disabled Vet I'm so thankful i Found Dr. Vito.Let Me explain, i came in after suffering after months and months... of Va and Er visits that offered no solution other than some quick term bandaide. i booked from an advertisement online had an appt a few days later. i walked in expecting to take the top cost solution advertised. However 10 Mins into the evaluation, Dr. Vito Suggested a Much less expensive option. That option being less than 1/2 the cost had me Up, Mobile with a dramatic pain reduction in a few visits. i continue to be treated over the last few months and i have next to no pain unless i overdo something, my mobility is better than its been in a decade. I will continue to recover with Dr. Vitos Care as its already been Life Changing.Take Aways:Kind & CompassionateKnows What Hes DoingPatient Mindedread more
Jean Moran
Jean Moran
02:46 13 Oct 21
I have been receiving chiropractic care since 2009, in the three weeks I have seen Dr. Vito, I feel better than I have... in years. I no longer have daily headaches. He was able to adjust my neck better than any chiropractor I have been to. I no longer suffer in pain between appointments and dread being physical. I Highly recommend Dr, Vito and staff if you want your life back like I did!!read more
Mina Andres
Mina Andres
20:07 04 Oct 21
Manny Vito is the best Chiropractor I have had! Very professional and caring. He takes the time to warm up the... muscles before adjustments which makes a huge difference. I highly recommend himread more
Allisa Sverduk
Allisa Sverduk
12:13 21 Sep 21
Dr.Vito really cares about you getting better and takes the time to work with you and understand the problem and fix it... !read more
Ami Sloane
Ami Sloane
21:40 25 Nov 20
Dr. Vito is the best Chiropractor I have ever been treated by. He is very caring and takes the time to ensure that the... treatment helps you and does not leave you in any pain at all. He never lets me leave until he sees that I am better then when he started!read more
Carrie Juris
Carrie Juris
02:47 25 Nov 20
Dr. Vito is an amazing chiropractor and he's very helpful and was able to help me multiple times. I have a lot of... chronic neck pain and every time I saw him, he was able to help me. He's easy to talk to and very more
jessica del rosario
jessica del rosario
14:38 29 Jul 20
Exemplary service! I came in feeling pretty badly and left with alot of relief of my back pain.... I highly recommend... coming here, his practice is very hygienic and clean. I will definitely be returning. Thank you Dr. Vito for serving your community with excellent more
Monika Sardella
Monika Sardella
02:01 12 Dec 19
Dr Vito is awesome! I always feel great after my appointment. Don’t know what I would do without him! Thanks Dr Vito!
Rachel McGuire
Rachel McGuire
23:13 09 Dec 19
Dr. Vito is the best! He is patient, kind, and funny. I started seeing Dr Vito for neck pain, not realizing my... headaches were related. I no longer suffer from regular headaches and overall feel so much better! Hands down one of the best medical professionals I've ever met!read more
UPrise Dark
UPrise Dark
14:16 01 Aug 19
Absolute best Chiropractor in the area!
Lori Jacoby
Lori Jacoby
12:36 09 Apr 18
Dr Vito really cares about you getting better. And he demonstrates his care. By using his skills and getting a result.... Thank you for great relief and way better mobility!read more
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